From Solo to Multiplayer: Setting Up Servers in Minecraft Pocket Edition

14th Jul, 2022

Minecraft Pe

Minecraft Pocket Edition (PE) offers players a portable and immersive gaming experience on their mobile devices. While the single-player mode provides hours of fun, exploring the multiplayer aspect of Minecraft PE opens up a world of collaborative building, competitive gameplay, and exciting adventures with friends. In this article, we will guide you through the process of setting up servers in Minecraft Pocket Edition, transforming your solo gameplay into a thrilling multiplayer experience.

Minecraft Pocket Edition

Understanding Minecraft PE Servers:

Minecraft PE servers are online platforms that allow multiple players to connect and play together in the same virtual world. These servers can be public, where players from around the world can join, or private, limited to a select group of friends or community members. By setting up your own server, you can control the gameplay environment, invite friends to join, and tailor the experience to your preferences.

Multiplayer Experience

Choosing the Server Hosting Option:

To set up a Minecraft PE server, you have two main hosting options:

  1. Self-Hosting:

    Self-hosting involves running the server on your own device. This option allows for more control over the server settings and configuration. However, it requires a stable internet connection and a capable device to handle the server load without affecting gameplay performance.

  2. Third-Party Hosting:

    Third-party hosting services offer dedicated servers specifically designed for Minecraft PE. These services handle server setup, maintenance, and provide technical support. Third-party hosting can be a convenient option for players who prefer a hassle-free setup and reliable performance. It may involve a monthly or yearly subscription fee, depending on the service provider.

Setting Up a Minecraft PE Server:

  1. Self-Hosting:

    To self-host a Minecraft PE server, follow these steps:

    • Ensure your device meets the necessary requirements to run the server smoothly. This includes a stable internet connection, sufficient RAM, and processing power.

    • Download a Minecraft PE server software like PocketMine-MP or NukkitX.

    • Configure the server settings, such as the server name, game mode, difficulty, and world generation options.

    • Forward the necessary ports on your router to allow incoming connections to your server.

    • Start the server software and invite your friends to join by providing them with your device's IP address and the server port number.

  2. Third-Party Hosting:

    To set up a Minecraft PE server with a third-party hosting service, follow these steps:

    • Research and choose a reliable and reputable hosting provider that offers Minecraft PE server hosting.

    • Sign up for an account on the hosting provider's website.

    • Select the server hosting plan that suits your needs and budget.

    • Follow the instructions provided by the hosting service to configure your server settings, such as the server name, game mode, and player capacity.

    • Start the server through the hosting provider's control panel and share the server IP address and port number with your friends so they can join.

Customizing Your Minecraft PE Server:

Once your Minecraft PE server is up and running, you can further enhance the multiplayer experience by customizing various aspects:

  1. Plugins and Add-ons:

    Minecraft PE supports plugins and add-ons that can introduce new gameplay features, commands, and mechanics. Explore the available plugins compatible with your server version and install them to enhance gameplay and provide unique experiences for your players.

  2. Rules and Guidelines:

    Establish rules and guidelines for your Minecraft PE server to ensure a positive and enjoyable experience for all players. Clearly communicate these rules and enforce them to maintain a friendly and respectful community.

  3. Regular Events and Challenges:

    Organize regular events and challenges within your Minecraft PE server to keep players engaged and excited. These events can range from building competitions to survival challenges or themed adventures.

  4. Community Engagement:

    Encourage community engagement by providing a platform for players to communicate and share their creations, ideas, and suggestions. Utilize in-game chat or external communication platforms to foster a sense of community among your players.

Embrace the Multiplayer Experience:

Setting up servers in Minecraft Pocket Edition allows you to transition from solo gameplay to a dynamic multiplayer experience. Whether you choose to self-host or opt for a third-party hosting service, the process of creating a Minecraft PE server is within reach for any enthusiast. Customize your server, invite friends to join, and unleash the potential for collaborative building, competitive challenges, and thrilling adventures in the world of Minecraft Pocket Edition.

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